Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Remodeling Impacts the Economy

Often in Finacial Reports, much emphasis has been given to the "housing market" or 'real estate market' being a drag on GNP(widest measure of economic activity), until recently anyway.

Though buyers are buying more homes so that sellers can move to their 'new' home,  another facet of the improving market is the uptick in home remodeling.   No doubt if the home you live in meets all your family's or your personal needs other than a wider shower, for example, remodeling is the go to activity.  Thus, the improving trend in remodeling bodes well for the "housing market" and the broader economic climate of the U.S.


This month sees more remodeling projects getting hatched than at any other time of the year. Like any investment, due diligence is required to make sure  your expected outcome meets your requirements. When it comes to major or minor remodeling projects most homeowners think they will break even at selling time. Many wrongly feel that adding the in-ground pool will make the home more marketable.

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Courtesy of Al Clark:Home Action News letter

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