Monday, April 29, 2013

Financial Report 2---The other side of the story

This is the Second Post today to read!!!

Jim Beloit with Union Mortgage andJeff Hurd with Prime Lending provide upbeat reports with two different emphasis.

Jeff's Report stresses:

Mortgage Market: 1. Stocks and Bonds both up
                              2. Unemployment down
                              3. Fed Meeting Position on this news
                              4. Interest rates are near record lows
                                      (i.e. came down again)
Jim's Report(other post) stresses:
Housing Market: 1. Tight Home inventories
                                 Resale AND New Homes

                            2. Sales slow due to low inventories
                            3. Rising Home prices

Though emphasizing different factors of the home buying and selling process, both gents relay data that only points to an improving economy and a housing market that is just waiting for some inventory to arrive. Sellers aren't getting the message: Buyers are searching for you!

Inside Lending from Jeff Hurd
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