Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Pick a Realtor

To the general public, this may seem a dicey issue for one Realtor to get into about all Realtors in general.

Actually, choosing a Realtor is a common event every day of every year.

In 2013, it is clear more individuals and families are seeking Realtors to find a home than those seeking to sell a home.  Yet, this fact will change when home owners understand that we really do have a shrinking inventory of homes.

So how does one pick a Realtor:

        *     Seek a referral from a trusted friend, co-worker or
                 family member

        *     Ask a neighbor about the Realtor that helped them
                 buy or sell the house(as the case may be)

        *     Seek personal references of any Realtor interviewed

        *     Seek data on Realtor/Realtor's Company's market
                 share AND have Realtor explain the advantage to YOU.

        *     Google the Realtor's name

        *      Know Experience and Designations(Training) counts
        *      Know Experience isn't everything....repeating one year
                    for 30 years may not match a buyer's or seller's need

        *      Evaluate listening skills and interest in YOU!

        *      Evaluate experience with similar situations(i.e. Short Sales
                  First Time Home Buyer,  Luxury Homes, etc.)
        *      Evaluate knowledge of present market conditions

        *      Evaluate "Likeability"

Your list of check points could be a bit longer but these points will help you find a Realtor that meets your specific need.


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