Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Key Home Buyer Questions

Home Buyers should never be afraid to ask questions:

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About the Market:     1.  Is it the time to buy?
                                   2.  Where are interest rates going?
                                   3.  Are loans easy to get?
About a Realtor:        1.  How long have you been in the business?
                                   2.  How many homes did you sell last year?
                                           this year?
                                   3.   Do you have references?
                                   4.   Do you specialize?
                                   5.   What should I expect if I use you?
About a House           1.   Is this home a good value? 
(Note: In most markets, a          2.   How long has the home been on the
Realor must represent the                 market?
buyer to answer many of             3.   How many homes have sold in this
these questions.)                                      neighborhood in the past year?
                                   4.   Is this home in a flood zone?
                                   5.   How close to elementary school?
                                         Middle school?  High school?
                                   6.   Proximity to work?  Shopping?
                                   7.   Should I get a home inspection
      Do NOT ask questions about schools, crime, or fair housing     
      related items as the Realtor can not answer such questions 
      Yet, the Realtor can point you to public information.

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