Friday, June 14, 2013

Don't waste the Garage on Cars

Often, when a family loves the neighborhood, the schools and whatever other factors has turned that house in the "family home", a family struggles to move to another house when the family or the family's things out grow the current house.

So what to do??   Since the house seems small, the home owners begin to look at how to gain more living space.  Frequently, city codes, lot size and high cost to expand the house, causes the home owner to look at every nook and cranny for space.

And to no one's surprise, it is the cars that get booted out to the curb or perhaps the driveway.  That dirty old 10 X 20 or 20 X 20 space starts looking pretty good when the cost of expanding living space goes from 10s of thousands to under $10,000.  

Suddenly, the "Man Cave", "Family Room" or "Teen Room" begins to take shape. 

If you are in that dilemma of love the house but it is a bit tight, you have to read
Garage Conversions for the Ages
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