Saturday, June 15, 2013

More Sellers Jump Into Favorable Market


At last, home sellers are realizing that there is a market for their home.

The past six months of so, NAR, National Association of Realtors, has posted improving trends in the market with on exception:  Home Inventory.

It will take continued momentum in sellers' listing homes to relieve the housing shortage.  Builders have begun to ramp up production but the 4-6 month delay to build is not acceptable to a fair percentage of buyers.

With the improving home values in most parts of the country, sellers looking to upscale or downsize or transfer should find buyers willing to pay a fair price.  As many homes purchased will be an upscale purchase, it has an exponential factor in the market.   The individual purchasing the home frees the seller of that home to buy and frequently has a home to sell.  Thus, a single home sale could have a factor of three different homes selling to accomplish that one purchase.

Then add all the carpet layers, painters, landscapers, concrete workers that will be employed to "make the house a home"!

Seller jumping into the good market will spur the economy also!!!

More Sellers Jump Into Favorable Market
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