Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Prep for Selling Home

In an Improving Housing Market, a unusual dilemma has occurred.   Buyers have re-entered the market, snapping up homes faster then another
home is listed.

Thus, a glut of homes in 2011/2012 has turned in a shortage in many markets(including here in Hampton Roads).   In Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, homes under $400,000 are now on average selling in under 6 months with some lower price ranges under 3 months.

With this type of velocity, home inventory tends to shrink quickly.

Yet, if you are thinking of selling, it essential that you are prepared to sell.

As you will see in the linked article, courtesy of American Home Shield, prepping a home is all about the preparation.    Unless you live like Felix Unger in Odd Couple, you most likely have a bit
of work to do to prep.

This article really covers the basics on preparing:

1. Clean
2. Paint
3. Repair

It also hits on the key topic of 1st appearances:

1.  Does your house curb appeal draw a buyer in
         or chase them away

2.  Do the rooms look crammed full or are they
         appear roomy 

3.   Does the house smell clean or are there 
        lingering pet or cooking odors

But as any good 'how to sell" guide should, it provides helpful hints on how to prep to move.

As a Realtor, I can always provide detailed guidance for your individual situation to ensure your home gets the most in the least amount of time in any market.

Please read and let me know your questions!

Seller's Guide to Selling Home
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