Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guide for 1st Time Home Buyer

With the continued improvement in the Real Estate Market, First Time Home Buyers will continue to stream into the market.

As a First Time Home Buyer, knowledge of the process and of the challenges is essential.   It is important as preparation as well as setting expectations in purchasing a home.

Some prep steps noted in the linked article below are key.  Determining where you want to live and determining your buying power are two extremely important steps commonly missed by 1st time Home Buyers.

Not every neighborhood nor every commute or accessibility to services will be the same.  Thus, the buyer must have thought about the type of neighborhood or area of town that would best suit his/her needs or their family needs.  

Yet knowing where the buyer would like to live will not help if the buyer doesn't know if he/she can afford the homes in those areas of a town.  Thus, speaking to a mortgage officer and determining the buyer's buying power(maximum loan amount possible) is essential.

More great tips are here for your reading!

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1st Time Home Buyer Guide

  (Provided by American Home Sheild)
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