Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Weekly Article - Herbaceous || Home By Design

If you're largely underwhelmed by many of the spice blends available on the market shelves, you're not alone. They often appear dry and dull, lacking in vibrancy. The easy solution is to make your own. With any number of dried herbs and good sea salt, the possibilities are endless. Start with one ingredient and let it guide you. Lamb pairs beautifully with each one of the following herbs, but blended together, the sum is even better than its parts.

The salt recipe makes more than enough for the lamb dish. With extra Lavender Fennel Sea Salt on the counter, you'll be sprinkling this flavorful blend on your chicken, eggs, potatoes, and steak for days.
If that Lamb Chop tidbit doesn't make you want to read the
rest of this awesome "Herbecous" article from Home By
Design, I am worried about you.
This article focuses on some great easy recipes to make with
summer herbs and spices.
Imagine shocking your family with one of these this 4th of
July weekend!!!

New Weekly Article - Herbaceous || Home By Design
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