Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home Prices Rising...For HOW LONG???

With the recent increase in home values that has gotten both home buyers and home sellers back in the market, there has been some talk about a "housing bubble".  

Increased prices causing concern is not surprising considering the down turn we all experienced a short time ago and are just working out of now.
Yet, with part of the increase in price attributable to too few listings available for too many active buyers, it is clear an increase in listings will level part of the increase in prices. 

As you can see in a recent Home Price Expectation Survey, those responding to the survey fully expect the increase in values to slow down to a 3.5% to 4% rate for 2014 through 2017.   An increase in the listing inventory will slow the rate of increase but there is no reason to believe home prices will experience a decline.

So now is the time to sell and the time to buy!!!

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