Thursday, October 10, 2013

How to Mess Up Closing on Your Home

You may wonder why any one would write on how to ruin one's closing day.   The trucks packed, the utilities are changed and the buyer and seller are ready to move on.  

"So who would stop closing for what good reason?? "  You may ask.

You would be surprised!  Some of the most unbelievable statements
that I have witnessed or heard from compatriots that killed or delayed a closing to every one's frustration:

*   I didn't know I was to leave the ceiling fans
*   The storm last week broke two of the windows.  We should
         have told you?
*   Why can't a bank close in 5 days?
        Note: Bank changed mortgage company a week prior to closing

*   My "advisor" told me not to close today. I should wait until 
         a Tuesday.
*   We needed to have the house empty today??    But our truck 
        doesn't come to Friday!  I thought we were only closing today.
*   Title wasn't order until Friday(Monday closing) so we can't
        close for at least two weeks
*   Of course, the yard is a bit overgrown.  I have been busy 
*   I was suppose to clean?
*   The cabinets weren't wiped out!  I am not going close!
*   The garbage cans our full at the curb!!! I need them emptied
*   I decided to get that survey you mentioned(two days prior 
          to closing).
*   The underwriter had a headache and went home early yesterday
         so we need 48 hours to finalize the loan.
*   The seller won't sell for that now(contract price).

Hard to imagine isn't it?   Fortunately, all of these can be avoided!! Fortunately, I have faced only one of these and the rest were from a broad swath of compatriots.

If you are a buyer or seller, be aware of the ones you can prevent when you are looking to buy or sell.

As a Realtor, I help buyers and sellers avoid such pitfalls by explaining the process and keeping them fully updated and informed.
Yet, as currently running car commercials,we are working with humans...and any of us can make a mistake!
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