Thursday, October 10, 2013

REIN News Release

Another stellar month!  October's summary, as you can see, is "Seller Confidence on the Rise"

It is clear sellers are more confident that their home is saleable. Yet as you can see, the percentages are still in the single digits so the inventory shortage isn't going away for a bit. As a whole listings up .085% from 11, 128(2012) to 11, 223 in 2013.   

With homes under contract up almost 22%, the increase in listings won't keep up at that pace. 

This may be the year of an anomaly:  Best time to list is in the Fall. Typically Spring/early Summer is the best time to list; most sales happen prior to September 1st. 

Yet, active buyers could make now the right time to list a home in Hampton Roads.

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