Thursday, October 31, 2013

Set the Clock Back...Leap Forward for Fall

On November 2nd, most of us will set the clocks back dipping the day into darkness a bit earlier immediately.  Though important to get the clock right so one doesn't show up to church on Sunday or work on Monday a tad too early, the time change is also a reminder to take care of some "seasonal tasks".

Many of you may very wisely think of changing the batteries in your smoke detector.  Yet, there are a few more items to consider that are summarized below(courtesy Al Clark's Home Action Newsletter).  I am never afraid to share great information to help you!


The shift to earlier darkness makes this weekend a good time to take care of other seasonal tasks after you turn back your clocks. Among the things you might want to do to keep your home running smoothly:

Change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and RVs. Upgrade to detectors with a 10-year battery life and you can scratch this item off next year's to-do list.

Prepare for winter storms. Check the batteries in your emergency flashlights and lanterns, stock up on emergency supplies and update your home insurance inventory to include any new household items you've purchased this year.

Go through your medicine chest and remove all the expired medications. Don't flush old medications down the toilet. Take the medicine out of the original container, mix it with coffee grounds or kitty litter, put it in a sealable bag and then throw the bag in the garbage.

Restock the first aid kits in your home, cars and RVs.

In warm weather climates, adjust your irrigation clock settings for the dry season. Looking to save money and conserve water? Use a rain sensor to shut down your irrigation system when your lawn doesn't need water. Your water company may offer rebates on sensors.

In cold weather climates, check your supplies of ice melt, then put snow removal tools and winter emergency kits in your cars.

Schedule annual tune ups for your heat pump, furnace or boiler to keep those systems working efficiently. Stock up on furnace filters so you've got them on hand for monthly changes.

Clean your dryer vent to prevent fires from lint buildup. If you have a flexible foil or plastic dryer vent, replace it with a smooth metal vent. The flexible vents can collect dangerous amounts of lint at low points. 
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