Thursday, October 31, 2013

Making the Traditional Bright

                                     Don't Let You Kitchen 
                          Get You Down

Makeover for that Drab and Dark Kitchen

The link above takes you to Better Homes and Garden article on making that dreary dark traditional kitchen into a modern cook's dream kitchen via bring light and cheer into this all important room in the house.

I amazed sometimes how a home owner that is selling her home has lived with gorgeous oak or cherry cabinets or even updated white cabinets recent years that feels like a dungeon.   One drab center light with a single flickering fluorescent bulb and a single window over the kitchen sink for light.  To top it off, there is a forest outside that doesn't allow a single beam of sunlight into the house.

If I described your kitchen, this is the article for you!!!  I know your kitchen doesn't need to quite meet my description to benefit from the ideas shared.

To your brighter magnificent Kitchen!
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