Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Choose a Realtor

                              How to Choose a Realtor

Whether purchasing or selling a property, whether your personal home or an investment property, you no doubt want to ensure you have the best representation possible.

Without a doubt, the Realtor you select should be personable and friendly...someone that you are comfortable with as a person.
Yet, being a nice guy or a swell lady doesn't necessarily mean the person has the skills, connections and experience to provide the excellent representation you deserve.  Same can be said that the cranky guy may be a bit tough to handle but boy could he do you a great job!!

As you meet Realtors at open houses, or via calls to a Real Estate office, you should be prepared with your questions that can differentiate the pretender from the real deal.

Here is a list of questions that I might suggest.  You should feel free to add to this list as you deem fit.

                Qualifying Questions to ask a Realtor

 1.  Are you a Realtor?   If yes, what value does it have to me?

 2.  What percentage of your potential commission will go to                   advertising/marketing my property?  What sources do you use           and why?

 3.  Where does your company rank among the Real Estate 
      Companies in "your market"?

 4.  What service(s) does your company provide that differentiate it
      from your competition? 

 5.  How many offices and Realtors are associated with your firm? 
     What advantage is that to me?

 6.  Describe your Buyer Pool?  How will that impact the sale of my 

 7.  How do you ensure I know the available homes I might 

 8.  What Relocation Assistance can you provide?

 9.   What specific experience do you have selling this
10.  How do you:
       a) Ensure I don't move until I'm ready?
       b) Ensure only qualified buyers see my house?
       c) Ensure I only see homes that I can afford?
       d) Ensure a potential buyer has sold financing?

11.  How does the Standard Purchase Agreement work in my 
       favor as a seller?   As a buyer?

12.  Where do you rank in your company in sales and listings? In
        the broader market?

13.  How many years have you been a Realtor?  Number of 
       Circle of Excellence Awards or any other awards?

14.  Do you have letters of recommendation that you can provide
       or websites where you have been reviewed?

By asking these questions, you will quickly learn experience, knowledge and success a Realtor possesses.  Very valuable information  as you begin working together to make a smooth transition to your new home.

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