Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Survival

Don't Fret
Thanksgiving is for 
Family and Friends

Throughout time and definitely in my experience, much worry and concern has gone into the meal that is suppose to be the center of our "Thanks" on Thanksgiving.

Yet, frequently, there is one or more parties at the table sweating the lumpiness in the mash potatoes or nibbling and poking the turkey to check out the moistness and other fighting over the invariably too few yummy dinner rolls.  Yet this all seems to miss the point that 
Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks...yes even for the lumpy potatoes that have been served for the past seven years...we can simply be thankful that we were invited back to enjoy everyone's company all those years!!!

Yet if you are the type that just can't relax and enjoy unless every part of a sumptuous feast is perfect, here is some help from the experts at Better Home & Garden.  

I do hope it will bring more joy into your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Survival
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