Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Last Minute Help!!!

     Don't Panic!

         Christmas is only 9 days and counting.  Shopping and wrapping still to be done?   No time

Could be specially trying if you are like some of my clients that just closed on their home!!!!!  But you will make it!

In recent times, baking and cooking tend to be the last thing that a family gets to as it always seems that it "can wait until tomorrow".
That is until Tomorrow COMES!!

Yet, if you are in that position, Better Homes and Gardens comes to the rescue.  I saw the very tasty sounding cookies and bars and I knew you could use the recipes.

Yes, I know every house has tried and true favorites!  I love ginger snaps and those yummy thumb print and Hershey kiss cookies(I can feel the pounds coming).

But a surprising new creation can really make the holiday whether you are giving baked goods to co-workers, stocking the snack table at church or enjoying a treat with cocoa or milk

Let me know what your favorite "new" recipe is!!

Holiday Cookies and Bars
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