Friday, December 20, 2013

The 5 Questions to Ask Every Agent Before Listing Your Home

Questions to Ask your Realtor

In meeting with individuals and families looking to sell a home,
I have found many home sellers are rightly focused on the value of their home and the means to get the very highest price for the house.  

Yet, the discussion and questions tend to focus on comparable homes sales, improvements made to the house and the 'to do' list to final prep the home for sale. Questions on experience and such of the Realtor come up at times.

Yet amazingly, the marketing plan is frequently brushed over without hardly a question or a challenge from the home seller.
The Real Estate Book, a source I personally use for both the print and extensive web presence, rightly notes 5 questions to ask every Realtor.

Every Realtor should have reassuring, sound answers for these questions.  What is reassuring and sound will be up to each home seller.  Yet, the knowledge and experience of the market savvy Realtor should never disappoint a home seller.

The 5 Questions to Ask Every Agent Before Listing Your Home

Be sure to add these questions to the interview of the next Realtor that you ask to sell your home.  If you don't like the answers, move on.
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