Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tidy Kids Bedrooms....Believe it or not!!!

Keeping Mayhem Under Control

Every day, families find that the lovable children have the strangest inability to keep their bedrooms or play rooms neat and tidy.  Not that we adults can really blame them as they are only children.  

Yet, finding ways to keep the mayhem down and the tidyness up would always make most parents very happy.  

I know, as a Realtor, that a tidy child's bedroom will always help the staging process and visual impact of any home that I am selling or showing a prospective buyer.  It is amazing how impressed buyers are when the kids rooms are tidy!!!  It is like the whole house went up in the buyer's estimation of the property condition.

Fortunately, Better Homes & Garden has advise on how to put some organization into children bedrooms.

Click Here:       Help with Kids Rooms

May your bedrooms never look neater!!!
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