Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Why You Should Buy
Why You should Sell

 There it is!  My declaration for 2014.  Frankly this says it all:

Throughout the U.S., it is much more difficult to find a neighborhood that has lost value in the past year versus thousands, like your own, that have gone up in value.  Home Values are up and look to continue the upward march at least until 2018*.

But home values are not alone in going up.  Mortgage rates have also marched forward with the improving financial market.  With an improving stock market, it has only been the well publicized and discussed FED purchase of Mortgage Backed Securities and like purchases that have kept interest rates in check.

Yet, even with FED's efforts, rates increased from mid 3% range to low to mid 4% in 2013.   As noted below, key players in the mortgage industry and National Association of Realtors project the trend not to stop.

Regardless if you believe Fannie Mae or the Mortgage Bankers Association, the home's with improving values will cost even more due to higher rates.


As a buyer, buy a home with lower rate that will increase in value
As a seller, sell your home before higher rates eliminate buyers for 
 your home!!!

*Values in some early leaders, like California or Florida, may level off as they have risen rapidly in past two to three years!
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