Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Plan Your Spring Garden

Talking Spring Gardens?   Is that a bit crazy when much of the country is freezing today?

Depends on your perspective!!!  Don't spring flower come up through the snow in our Northern states???  Growing up, I remember crocus popping up!!

Besides, the topic is planning the Garden!!  Whether you will start some flowers or plants in greenhouse or will wait to the ground to warm up this Spring, making one's plans are crucial.

What time of flowers will work on the shady side of house?  What part of the yard will be re-landscaped?  What type of cucumbers or should we do carrots and beans this year?

Regardless of the type of planting or garden, thought must be given now to the project if one wants to enjoy a healthy harvest of fruits and vegetables next Fall or simply view a resplendent landscape from the deck.

So get cracking!!!     Click below!

                             How to Plan a Garden

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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