Monday, March 17, 2014

Granite Counter Top Tutorial

                           Granite Counter Tops

       As you no doubt know, granite counter tops are        widely used in both kitchen and bathrooms.

       If you are like me, you are sometimes stunned 
       when you are told a given counter top is 
       Granite.  It may be solid but it doesn't have the
        texture and "porous" look that makes granite
       so recognizable.

       I found this article at Better Homes & Garden 
       that takes helps you and me gain a better 
       understanding of Granite.    

       Won't we now look smarter the next time we 
        are at a Home Show or are at a friend's place             who happened to just remodeled the kitchen!!

                          Click below to learn all
                             you need to know!!

                        Granite Counter Tops
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