Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simply Clean

                            No Need to Break
                                  the Bank
                            Cleaning the House

What a great article!

The airways, internet ads popping up, and newspaper circulars tout the latest and greatest in cleaning supplies.  

        "Eliminate Soap Scum with Ease"

 "Make every Kitchen surface shine"

                 "Oxy(something) destroys stains"

The claims go on and on.  Many, if not all may be very true.  Yet, you and I may spend a pretty penny to simply try this or that cleaning solution.

As noted in this awesome Home By Design article, there are many simple home made cleaning solutions available.  Very possibly your mom or grandma used every one of these!!

Enjoy either your "step back in time" or "leap into a new future"!!!!

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                     Home Made with Love!!
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