Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Color Palette

Stylish Painting 
at Your Place

     If your home is bit drap or you just must have the latest color palette present in your home, you may just want to click below.

As with Spring Fashion, given colors are always the focus of designers and designer clothing.  One can always find a baby blue blouse or a red dress shirt.  But a given shade of blue or canary yellow may only  be found in the hottest styles a given season.

Though house paint, interior or exterior, can be mixed to almost any shade of whatever color desired, color fashion is always present in home design.   Have you seen a dated home with multi shade green shag lately?  I have and of course that color is decades out of style.

Most homes, including your home, isn't that bad.  Yet, it makes the point that colors go in and out of style in our homes.

So for the latest and greatest in home colors, click the link!!!

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