Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 2014 SRES Newsletter for Seniors

             As a Senior Real Estate Specialist,  I know that those 55 and 
     better seek information prior to making key life decisions.

        With all the advertisements to aid Seniors(those 55 years old          and better) to stay in their present homes, I am pleased to see 
     the April SRES Marketplace newsletter review the value of
     various home improvements.   These average costs should not
     be viewed as the cost needed to update a given item as they
     are national averages.

         The information to key in on is the value that the        
     improvement will bring to the value of one's home.  Though
     your local market may have a lower cost for a bath addition,
     the 60% retained value is solid regardless of the price of the

          If you have questions on what makes sense for your future
     as you consider whether to stay in your present home or to
     move to another house or situation, please call me.  

     I can be reached directly at 757 580-6546.   
     For now, read the newsletter below!   We can talk soon!

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