Saturday, April 5, 2014

Your Newest Favorite Grain!!!

The Art of Discovery

         Sometimes the Art of Discovery is actually the art
     of rediscovery.   In the present trend to eat natural or eat
     healthy, various fruits and grains have gain popularity
     and spawned growing food store chains like Whole Foods
     that meet the demand.

     You can go to Whole Foods and similar food stores and
     find an extensive display of nut, seeds and grains.  Some
     are the run of the mill grains like wheat and rye but
     organically grown.   But then the grains explode into
     a myriad of options like spelt, Amaranth, Coucous, Rye
     Berries and KAMUT(ancient Egyptian wheat).

     One of the new grains and very new to me is Quinoa.
      My dear wife starting remaking her famous chili Quinoa
      and I was hooked on this tasty grain!!  It is awesome
      in a variety of updated unhealthy to healthy dishes.

      Yet, you may wonder how to add this fabulous grain to
       your diet.   Well, Better Homes & Gardens will help!
       Below is a link to an awesome article on cooking with

       Don't ask we how you say it....I still get correct
       every time I try to say it.  I guess I can point when
       I want more!

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