Thursday, April 24, 2014

For a Flawless Garden of Lovely Flowers

No Fail Garden

You may be shocked by that title.  You have failed too often to get a flower box, flower bed or a trellis by the mail box to actually appear as you saw in the display at the store or on line.

Not that you didn't try with gallon of Miracle Gro and water.  You even probably replanted with fresh garden dirt or water retention soil for a flower box in your efforts to show a "green thumb" over the years.

But what if you simply had the wrong flower/plant?  Or you simply watered, planted or other wise mishanlded the plant? 

I know it is hard to self incriminate oneself in the death of the garden.  Yet, bugs and disease may take the back seat to my/our gardening ineptness.

No doubt you have have had some real success!!! But if you don't know why on succeeded when another plant or flower bed didn't
there is more to learn.

Yet, what if you could ensure you had the right plant for your area of the country?   And you could learn how to tend for the plant?
Yes, you can do it!!!

The link below goes to an article from Better Homes & Garden that permits you to enter a plant and your zip to determine whether it is a good selection if you live in Phoeniz versus Boston vs Norfolk,VA.

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