Monday, April 28, 2014

Quick Easy....Bring home the Bacon

Help is Here!

    After working all day, no one wants to come home and cook for two hours to eat dinner at 9pm.   That isn't why you bought that beautiful new house in the suburbs or are really happy that you stole that walkup so you can work late without having to take a 40 minute drive.

We purchase houses or town house or perhaps rent a condo for the purpose of enjoying our privacy and escaping the manacial pace of life.  Adding the task of dinner ever night just takes away a piece of the joy!

Sure we can order in or dart for our favorite take out a couple of nights each week.  Yet, sometimes it is great to get home, get in ones favorite lounging clothes(perhaps after a bit of exercise!) and veg for the night.

Yet one has to eat.  So for those "taking it easy at home" evenings, take one of these delectable Better Homes and Garden Recipes and whip something up quick!  

You'll be done before you know it!

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