Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fresh and Easy Salads

  Summer will be here soon.   With the hot temps(hard to imagine heat after this winter chill), you will seek to get out of the kitchen.
Yet, if you are like so many Americans, you are working to ensure your city or state doesn't show up as the heaviest one in the country. 

No one wants that moniker over hanging their area of the world.

Though our exercise routine is a must in the process to slim down, 
our calorie intake is also a key component.  And if on top the the slim down goal, our doctor may have told us that we need lower the LDL or our A1C1 or the triglycerides.  As a result, for multiple reasons, we look for a diet low in calories, sugar/rapidly sugar converting foods, "bad" fats and excessive animal protein.

As a result, vegetables and salads become a larger part of our diet than it may have been in the past(sans the salad dressing also!!!).
This can be a discouraging fact to some individuals striving for improved health.

But what if these salads could be tasty and good for us at the same time?   You and I would both be thrilled.

Well, thanks to Better Homes & Garden,  we have exactly tasty and good for us.  The link below takes you to some awe-inspiring healthy salads!

Here's to good Health!!!!!

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