Sunday, May 4, 2014

Buyers Are Back-- Watch Out for the Millennials

                                     Millennials Are Coming!

A question that remains in the market has been:  Where are the buyers going to come from?

It is a fair question.  I have been one of the proponents that the real estate market has only one way to go:  UP!  And it is due to the buyers!

As you can see the the graphs and data that I note below that Millennials should drive the market.  Millennials were one of the groups most hampered during the market downturn.  Many Millennials were not quite ready to buy prior to the down market. Yet, as the market recovered, they stayed back as the fear of purchasing overpriced homes or a fear of not getting the best value or a doubt that home ownership was the right step.

Yet, as you see below, all that sentiment is changing!  And this large population base will begin to drive home sales.

Hold on to your hat!!

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