Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cool it this Summer!!

Easy for the Summer

   Part of enjoying a home is to enjoy every season.   With the heat of summer, the pool, the beach, Dairy Queen and enclosed malls may be the favorite destinations for the simple fact of the available

   The summer heat can especially be relentless in the kitchen of the home.  Who wants to heat hot oatmeal in the summer?  Just the thought of turning on the stove top cause one to opt for the cold cereal!!!

    Other meals of the day aren't quite that easy as we tend to seek variety in our food choices.   Yes salads and sandwiches are great summer lunch options...maybe even dinner options. Yet, the same old same old can really get to someone.

    Thus, the tantalizing recipes so graciously noted in this week's Home by Design are very timely.   Though definitely not the cook in our house, I would be happy to see one of these creations setting in front of me!!!

I hope you find them just as tantalizing!!!   Bon Appetit!

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