Thursday, July 3, 2014

Housing Market Forecast

Improvements in Housing

A regular steady stream of information continues to point to the strengthening housing market.  The stock market has responded better than Main Street.

Though the analysis by Lawrence Yun, PHD, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of NAR breaks down all the signs of improvement(which are many), he fails to note what a Realtor with his feet on the ground knows:

                   The numbers would be better if buyers and sellers
                     knew these numbers and believed the numbers

I have found that some buyers have really got the message as have some sellers.  Yet, there remains a slew of people that still believe 
that housing will collapse again, no loans can be had and only the fool hardy are buying.

Actually, as Dr. Yun's report notes when you read between the lines, the wise are jumping in the early phase of housing's recovery(over 2 years in).

Don't you agree???

Pass this post to all your friends that you know should be out buying a home!  

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