Saturday, July 5, 2014

Start Right...End Right

How to Choose

 Statistics from the National Association of Realtor note two thirds of buyers only contacted one Realtor before selecting the one to help them purchase the home.

Rather a startling number that has been consistent for years!!  Though I have benefited numerous times from this two thirds of buyers, I am always surprised that this number doesn't shrink.

Yet, perhaps, buyers consistently contact Realtors that are top notch service providers with a true heart to serve the buyers needs and interests.

But should you be part of the 1/3 group that may contact more that one Realtor or have need to as the "match" just wasn't there.   There are factors that should be considered to ensure "you start right to end right"

Questions to Ask A Realtor:

1.  Do you have time now to work with me?
2.  Tell me your familiarity with the geographic
        area I am looking in?
3.  What advantage to me is it that you are a Realtor
4.   What training do you have that prepares you to
          specifically help me buy a home?
5.   What advantage is your Real Estate Company 
         to me?
6.   What ancillary services does your company 
          provide?  How do the benefit or hinder me?
7.   Do you have current references I can review?
8.   Do you have a website I can review?
9.   What does it cost me to use your services to
           find a home?
10.  Why should I work with you over any other 

With these simple 10 questions, a buyer can quickly qualify the availability, knowledge and experience  specific to their needs.   With typical followup questions, the buyer also learns much about how the Realtor works.

So whether you are part of the 2/3rds or 1/3rd of buyers, I hope these simple questions ensure you have the very best buying experience!
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