Monday, August 11, 2014

Seller: What's a Website Do for Me

What Can a Website
Really Do?

Talking to potential seller clients, numerous valid topics are discussed:   current competition
                   recent home sales
                   company market presences and benefits thereof
                   my experience and how I sell for more in less time

Yet one of the most interesting discussions is regarding the marketing plan.  As over 90% of home buyers begin their home search on line, web presence is essential.  Yet, the home seller frequently doesn't understand the market presence is very broad on the web.

If asked, the home seller frequently, believes home buyers search simply Zillow and Trulia or the company website. Thus a discussion of the value of presence across multiple portals ensues to help them know how a broad presence among other websites like those shown above(and many more) makes a difference.

Home buyers find varying amount of information on various websites.  Yet, in beginning or continuing a home search, the home buyer may have as little as the city to search or as detailed as the address of the house.

In either situation, multiple hits for a given home or Realtor across multiple sites provide improved information and assures the Seller of a given home a expotential improvement in exposure of their home.

As a result, any marketing plan not leveraging real estate information website will be ineffective in exposing home to every potential buyer for a given home.  Thus, perhaps failing to gain the highest price in the least amount of time that I offer and a seller expects.

Ignore the web at your own peril!!!

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