Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Horror

A Halloween Tradition

If you have young ones, they no doubt have been begging you to carve a pumpkin for the last couple of weeks.

Though they may not want to dry the pumpkin seeds to nibble on after the seeds have been dried and salted, I am sure they want some 'scary horror' sketched on the front or over the whole pumpkin.

The link below provides great pattern for carving your pumpkin.  Great variety for any of your particular needs!!!

Yet, you may find the butter knife, steak knife and spoon clumsy at best to create that perfect pumpkin.  Every grocery store and discount store, even Dollar Tree, has a plastic tool set to carve out the pumpkin of your dreams.

If you really want the cool, sharply cut, "scare terrific" pumpkin, you can get a really great metal pumpkin set at stores like Williams-Sonoma.

So choose your "weapon" and have at that pumpkin!!!  Seeds and pumpkin "guts" to remove and horrer to design!!!

courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
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