Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Twenty Four Reason To Call A Realtor

Why Call A

A Realtor is more that a resource for ethical, knowledgeable, experienced service to purchase a home or investment or to sell a piece of real estate that you may own.

A Realtor is an endless source of information!  With many contacts in the city(s) that he/she works and being very familiar with attributes of these locations, a Realtor knows more than one might think!   And what he or she doesn't know, they will find out!!!

Here are a quick 24 reasons to call, message, email, text, tweet a Realtor:

  1. Need a contractor to do repairs/get estimate

  2. Seek a job in a new town

  3. Need temporary housing in a new location

  4. Need Vacation rentals for visiting family

  5. Seek Daycare options: Kids, Elders, Pets

  6.  Need House Cleaner/Carpet Cleaner

  7.  Need to Refinance: Rates, Advantages, Mortgage Officers

  8.  Need quality Pest and Termite company

  9.  Seek restaurant to entertain visiting family

10.  Questions on Property Owner Association or Condo
          Association to which you belong

11.   Landlord rights and obligations

12.   Tenants rights and obligations

13.  Need Information on School zone

14.  Need Information on Schools in area: music programs
           test scores, special education, after school options, etc

15.  Holiday Events/Parades

16.  Need to compare the cost of renting vs buying a home   

17.  Want to know key differences/benefits of living in various
           cities in given area

18.  Need present home's value

19.  Need to verify information on Zillow, Truila or another real 
          estate web site

20.  Have co-worker, neighbor or friend seeking a new home

21.  Have co-worker, neighbor or friend seeking to sell property

22.  Seek available homes for your growing or changing family

23.  Questions on what to do to prepare to sell

24.  Questions on steps to/how to go about buying a house

And this is only the beginning!!

For example, you could ask me where the nearest Dairy Queen is to you in Hampton Roads,  I could help you out.  You would be surprise what we know!!

We get around!
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