Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Clean Almost Anything!!!

Clean It UP!!

Normally, I share one or two of the Better Homes and Garden "Daily Inspiration" with you.  But today will be different.

Better Homes and Gardens hits on a topic that impacts every one seeking to have a clean home.  With this being the large majority of home owners and tenants, the tips here must be shared.

You will find tips for the bathroom and kitchen: two of the areas where germs can arise the quickest and cause many health issues.  In addition, they help you know what to stock your cleaning caddy with and still save a buck.

Please read and enjoy!!!  I know this one will hit "home".

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Better Homes and Gardens
your daily inspiration
How to Clean Almost Anything
Bathrooms, countertops, fridges: Those daily-use spots need some cleaning TLC. Try our expert tricks for surfaces that shine.
Get the Sparkle Back in Your Tub
Banish Germs from the Countertops 
What's Lurking in Your Fridge?
Stock Your Cleaning Caddy with These On-Sale Essentials 
Pet, Home & Dessert Tricks
Good-for-You, Delish Desserts
Paint-Perfect Kitchen Makeover
Do You Have a Pet First-Aid Kit?
Win This!
Cuisinart Hand Mixer
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