Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter Already??? Get Ready with Perennials

Time to Rework 

Didn't see it coming.  Did you?   Winter like temps are descending quickly across the country with projections to make it to the Gulf Coast by Thurday.

I saw this article on Better Homes & Gardens and wanted to share!    It will be so much easier to do now before the chill comes if you have any chance to get it done.

Get what done??   Change over all your flowers in pots, gardens, flower beds, etc.  Right NOW!!

Yeah, I know we can't all beat the cold to get this done.  Yet how timely is this article on changing over to cold weather perennial flowers and plants.  Though there are a few annuals good for the milder winters of the southern half of the country, I am sure you will want to introduce some of these perennials.

Have a great read and good luck!!!

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