Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bathroom Redos

The Source of the Source
Bathroom Makeover

Often, as a Realtor, I remind clients that I am not an all knowing expert.   Though I can be my clients and even your trusted Real Estate Advisor that can provide all need data, advice, insight, experience and knowledge as relates to their and your home purchase or home sale, I won't ever attempt to say I am qualified to answer questions that a home inspector, contractor or other professionals involved in the home buying or home selling process.

I can be the "Source of the Source", linking you to very qualified, customer centric resources.  The same is true on data related city, county, school and other such points of interest which requires me to be the "Source of the Source".   You are always satisfied!!!

And such is the need today as I am no expert on Bathroom Makeovers.   But John Rina, the author of the attached article, has written articles and books on home improvement topics.  Thus, I want to share his blog post on ways to love your bathroom!!!

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