Friday, November 14, 2014

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Uniting the House

Have you ever gone through a house(or note in your house) how nothing seems to flow?   The space is sufficient for the occupants' need or perhaps the buyer inspecting the house but the space is disjointed or has this room too small and that one too big.

It is a problem more frequently than those of you with smooth flowing floor plans may know.  It isn't always due to the age of the house!!!

As you will see in this article from Home By Design, a couple in Atlanta had built their dream home(8000 sq.ft. dream home).   But after a few years, they found that three cozy areas walled off from one another limited the couples ability to entertain during the holidays.

Though perhaps you don't think you would have any problem with 8000 sq. ft. of house, you could very well gain a good understanding of the changes you can make to your 1800 sq.ft. ranch or 2700 sq. ft. colonial or that cape cod you bought from a love of the home's elevation.

Of course, if you only want to see how the "other half " live, great.  It is a gorgeous kitchen when completed.

New Weekly Article - United Spaces || Home By Design
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