Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner Survival Guide

Thanksgiving Dinner

Survival Guide

Don't think that I will be providing you any tips on how to get a golden brown on a turkey with moist white meat.   I have helped prepped a turkey and do the green bean casserole or baked a pie.  But I am not your  1-800-HelpMeWithThanksgiving call.

Yet I can always be the source of the best source for help in almost every matter.  Hey, that is what I do as a Realtor.  Be the one that can get you an electrician, a plumber or referral to a great restaurant!!   I am your expert advisor for all real estate needs.  Yet, I will always point you to the best for other services needed.

Back to Thanksgiving!!  If you want to know how to make a great Thanksgiving Dinner and know all the tricks, Better Homes and Gardens is a great resource.   Not only did they put this Survival Guide together but their website: has even more answers for your questions!!!

So make the best Thanksgiving Dinner ever or send to the hostess of your Thanksgiving feast!!!  You may as well do everything possible to have a wonderful feast with all your family and friends.

      Click and read:           Your Thanksgiving Survival Guide 
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