Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Apps for Home Improvements

An App for That!

Now we have all heard that before.   Yet, it is so very often true.  What would we do without our
Smart Phones and Tablets??

If you read this blog regularly, you know that a few days ago, I passed an article regarding a Digital Detox in the New Year.   As I had noted, some readers may seriously need a Digital Detox as he or she never ever puts down his/her phone.  

Been eating watchin a family of four all on their phones all during dinner?   You would think they would at least ask some one in person to pass the ketchup but most likely they send a text!  
That family would need a Digital Detox it seems.

Yet, for "us regular folks", we rely on applications(APPs) to look up our stock portfolios, watch a game, look up a recipe while at the market or post a picture to PinInterest, Facebook or some other site.  

In seeing this article with the 10 best apps for Home Improvement, I know that many people need these applications.   In 2015, real estate will continue to improve.  Thus, sellers will need to take care of deferred maintenance in prepping to sell and home buyers will look to enhance homes puchased.  In addition, with job market improvement and the upswing in the economy, home owners will add the fence around the yard or a pool, replace windows or roof or complete other large ticket improvements.

Thus, these 10 best apps should serve you well in any of these functions that will touch probably a minimum of 20-30% of us.   With a few years of everyone holding off, there should be lots of activity in 2015 -2019.

Here is your link to the article and the apps:

  Top Ten
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