Monday, December 29, 2014

Tech Control in 2015: Digital Detox

Controlling Tech Abuse
with a 
Digitial Detox

Happy New Year!!!  

Christmas was wonderful as it always is as there is so much to celebrate at Christmas!!

With 2015, some feel the pressure to make resolutions to improve upon features of their lives that just aren't where they would like them to be.  And the great American Marketers are there to help! Just note all of the Weight Watchers new 24 hour support line, weight equipment on sale at every outlet possible and "free" gym memberships on air and in print.  

Yet, this provocative article from Home By Design Magazine suggests that unplugging from all our technology is a "resolution" to make in 2015.  The article doesn't specifically state this but the timing seems obvious.

As you read the article, you will have to decide if you need a "Digital Detox".   Perhaps I am naive.  I believe I have a "healthy relationship" with technology.  How could I be in Real Estate without a smart phone, laptop, and tablet?  Or by not checking in with friends and clients on Facebook or posting homes to YouTube?

Perhaps, fortunately, I have clients to prep for and appointments that keep me "off the grid" for enough each day.   Yet, I am sure most of us have to work or go to school so we possibly are off line for serious chunks of time.

Yet, if you are, as some are reported to be, on your smart phone or computer every minute after school or work or at breaks in your day, you seriously may "need to get a life" and do a DIGITAL DETOX.

Though technology is here to stay and will only be a bigger part of our life in the future, we must experience life to enjoy it.  

Thus, putting down the phone or computer, and engage in talking face to face with some one or get involved in a hobby or sharing your talents with a charitable organization will add to anything you can view on YouTube or Facebook.

So are you a candidate for Digital Detox??? 

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