Sunday, December 28, 2014

Organize NOW!!!

Prepping for 2015

In the paper today, I saw many advertisements for storage bins, dress bags, under bed bags and bins are every where.  Then you add the promotions for storage sheds and garage storage option.  

You would believe that so many of are totally disorganized???  With the space given to the advertisements, you would think that we have all the tools, clothing and extra towels and bedding stacked in the corners of our living rooms or bedrooms.

I am sure the merchants have more confidence in the American Public.  Yet, I am sure that there are many people that could use a bit of help getting the house "organized".   

If you are one that needs to get organized or just simply feel that the house needs to be pulled together a bit more, you can really save money in January for the supplies needed.

For direction/help on how to better organize the closets and attic, see this great article below from Better Homes and Gardens!!!
You will get lots of good ideas!!

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