Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold Weather Recipes - Festival of Flavors

Festival of Flavors

After a long holiday season, sumptous recipes for the family or if empty nesters, for you to share, can be a welcomed find.

We all know the parties are over and we must get back to the day to day of regular life.  Yet, why not eat well with some special recipes that are good enough to serve your guest???

You have time to try a few new dishes to see how they strike your palate.   I would doubt, unless you have a give food allergy or adversion to a given ingredient, that any of these 5 recipes will cause your stomach to do anything but growl loudly!!!

I am just lucky I ate or I know my stomach would be growling for the Crab and Brie Mac & Cheese. Oh YUM!

Review all the recipes and print one or more that really make you hungry!! Or perhaps your family or spouse may really like...I know there can be foods others like that we might not!!!  

Enjoy a flavorful 2015!

courtesy of Better Homes & Garden

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