Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Gardening....A Must

Winter Gardening

It may same very counter intuitive to garden in the winter.  Yet, there are many ways to take care of your yard and plantings during the winter.

For those of you living in snowier regions, knocking heavy wet snow off bushes and fir trees sagging or bent over is a key way to ensure the plant doesn't snap in two or is misformed due to "snow damage".   Even in more temperate areas, covering planting with straw or manmade cover during an unusual cold snap is pretty common sense by residents of these areas.

To ensure a vibrant Spring and a hearty Summer of color and healthy yards and plants,  you should take preventative measures.


You can also add some spice to your Winter landscape that will keep your neighbors admiring your home and all your visitors thinking you are an expert gardener.  The attached article from Better Homes and Gardens will give you the tips you need! 

Read and Enjoy!

                       Winter Gardening
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