Friday, January 9, 2015

Healthy Desserts??? Yeah! They are!

Healthy Desserts
at Long Last

Hey, I am totally fine with all the articles and recipes on Better Home & Garden's website,, and the rest regarding healthy eating.

Why not eat healthy?  Unless I need to drop 40 lbs, healthy eating is eating in moderation.  Oh yes, the diet must accentuate good for you vegetable and fruits and a lot less process food. Yet it doesn't mean the new lifestyle will be pure drudgery.

Frankly all these recipe sites, Pinterest, Facebook provide lots of healthy eating tips for each meal and snacks.

Yet the one low spot is the "healthy dessert".  Oh there are some "healthy desserts" but most compare to a Snickers like a gravel road to a concrete highway.  Yes, cars can go over a gravel road but do 60 like on the highway and see if you still have a suspension or are on the road after 5 miles.   

And so it always has been with "healthy desserts", good to try but tough to imagine eating long term.

But if I take Better Homes & Garden at their word, these desserts are healthy for us.   As I looked through the desserts, they all looked like they would be quite good.  Now if they only are really healthy!

Take a look, make a few and let me know:  delicious and healthy???

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