Monday, February 9, 2015

Make the Tax Man happy with LESS!

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on Taxes

For many, tax season has them seeing red.  Work all year and then write a check to the IRS after you have see 15% to 20% of every check go to taxes.

Oh sure, those taxes from each check went to Social Security, Unemployments, the State(Income Tax) and the Federal goverment(Income Tax).   Yet, frequently, a check must be written to the IRS due to taxes owed.

No doubt, the payment of taxes isn't a problem for many as we all know it cost to have a standing army, good roads, education system and so much more.  It just seems salt in the wound to have to
write a check after filing one's taxes.

Fortunately, the attached Homeowner's Guide to Taxes(courtesy of HouseLogic) can help you ensure you take all the legal above board deductions possible.   These all relate to home ownership so you must own your residence to benefit.

If you are renting, you can look at this post as a motivation to buy a home so you can benefit from all home ownership has to offer!  Lower taxes is actually the least of the best reasons to own a home!

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