Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring will come eventually....Landscape Plans

Winter has really hung on in given parts of the U.S.  Ask Boston or Chicago if winter has been tough.  You will hear quite the story of bitter days and snowy nights(and days).  Boston has been inundated with just tons of snow(translated into feet by someone).

As far as I am concern, when the snow is so deep you can't find your car for thirty days or that ice chunks large enough to crush the hood of car are crashing from roof tops, it is hard to believe is Spring can come fast enough.

Even southern areas like Atlanta and Miami have seen record cold.
Hampton Roads has been shut down(as you may well know) by snow fall for the past two weeks.   With the 7th largest snow total at 17 inched, February was tough an anyone looking forward to Spring.

In fact, those of us with Crepe Myrtles are to trim low and bad branches in February, prior to the juices of Spring start filling the dormant branches.  But where was there a decent day??  March will be here and it will just happen then.

Yet, with Spring comes new plans to landscape the unruly or to trim and tuck the sculptured yard.   If you are still seeking some input, here is a great article on texture in your landscape.  Better Homes & Gardens is a great resource!!

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