Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Really?? Low Maintenance Maintenance?

Too Good to 
Be True???

You may have heard Micky Rooney's stik on the his "His High Maintenance Wife".   Hilarious to say the least as I am sure his diatribe was a bit of an over statement but I remember it as quite funny(I hope my memory of Mickey is corrrect).

Yet the point is that though there really may never be as high maintenance of a wife as that comedy routine implied, the idea of low maintenance home maintenance seems absurd.

This article in HomeLogic newsletter that I receive seems to suggest there really are means to "Low Hassle solutions to a Low Maintenance House".

When you look through the various articles, like "Clean Once and be Done", you will find information that you will use.  I know if I could clean once and be done that I would be thrilled.  Now if they could only do that for the overall house cleaning!!!

Please read the various articles as I am sure you will glean ways to make life a bit easier.  Easier is never bad.  Remember the adage:

    "Work Smarter, Not Harder"

Really??? Low Maintenance Maintenance
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